'Our commitment to the environment'

Crescent Brands is now pleased to announce the expansion of the Recycle and Reuse (RAR) initiative, which was launched approximately twelve months ago.

In this time we have collected and recycled a large amount of cardboard, polythene, plastic packaging, paper and wooden pallets in association with a number of partner organisations.
The RAR programme is now open to all existing and new customers, offering an exceptional opportunity for all our customers to reduce the waste generated by their business, and in the process show their commitment to the environment and the sustainability of the world we live in.

The RAR initiative offers:

  • An innovative solution allowing your business to demonstrate it’s commitment to the environment as we provide a certificate to confirm your dedication to the environment, which you can display on your business premises
  • One complete solution for the eco-friendly disposal of the majority of your business waste
  • An efficient storage system provided by us to allow you to segregate and store waste ready for collection, in an orderly manner ensuring health, safety and fire regulations are complied with
  • The program includes recycling your cardboard, polythene, plastic packaging, paper and wooden pallets.