Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Looking after tomorrow’s world, today’
Social responsibility runs deep through everything we do at Crescent Brands. We understand that what we do today will affect tomorrow’s world, a world that our children will inherit. We have carried out schemes in the past and continue to do so today, which help minimise the impact on the environment in which we do business in or give something back to the communities in which we do business with. Some of the recent schemes we have been involved in include:

‘from initial concept to product launch... from drawing room to supermarket shelve...we are with you all the way’

The RAR (Recycle and Re-use scheme)

This pilot scheme, was initiated to recycle waste packaging created by our products. A number of our customers were contacted and asked to implement a system whereby any packaging (cardboard, shrink wrap, wooden pallets etc) generated by our products would be made ready for collection by our drivers. This waste was then processed in an environmentally friendly manner, which resulted in less waste being generated by our customers. This was a hugely successful pilot scheme, and plans are under way to roll this scheme out across our entire business to include all our customers.

Providing essential training and skills to school leavers

In line with our commitment to the community, Crescent Brands is actively involved with several recognised training organisations to provide placement opportunities for young people who have recently left school. The placement provides vital skills and experience, and contributes greatly towards the development of the placement student allowing them to progress into the world of employment, with an

The Environment and Us

In November 2008 Crescent Brands staff attended a one day conference, the subject of which was the environment. The hugely successful event was attended by all staff and sought to highlight how our business operations affect the environment. The day involved seminars, case studies and group exercises. Many innovative ideas on reducing our environmental impact were generated, and are now being put into action across the company. The positive feedback received during the event set the foundation for a similar event in 2009. The Environment and Us conference is now in its 7th year (2014) and is a permanent fixture at Crescent Brands.